What is the New Indiana Lottery Game?

what is the new lottery game

The state Lottery recently unveiled four scratch-off games offering prizes of over $318 Million. Of these new scratch-off games, the $10 Triple 777 game has already sold more than 6 million tickets and features over $158,880.00 in cash prizes with eight top prize winners of $2 Million according to the lottery. All retailers should receive these new games within 48 hours; others include $5 BONUS LETTER CROSSWORD, JEOPARDY! and LUCKY GREEN games.

The Lottery hopes to increase sales by offering Digital Instants games online or via smartphone, costing between $0.50 and $30 per round with multiple rounds on each game, so there’s the potential to win multiple times over. They aim to gain new customers while expanding sales.

Cash POP is Indiana’s newest Draw game! Pick your numbers, match ONE number to win big – either on the Hoosier Lottery app or at any participating retailer using digital playslip. There are five drawings per day so there’s always an opportunity for POP! Download the Hoosier Lottery app now to take advantage of exclusive members-only fun such as 2nd Chance promotions and FREE experiences such as sporting events, concerts and travel getaways; scan tickets and check results right from your fingertips!

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