What is the Newest Cashword Lottery Game?

Colossal Cashword, the new cashword lottery game from The Lottery, gives players a chance to win millions! Launched September 5, each $30 Colossal Cashword ticket gives you the chance to win prizes between $30 and $2 Million! This innovative take on popular Cashword-themed instant games first introduced by The Lottery back in July 2001 has quickly become their most beloved offering ever since then.

Each game begins with hidden Call Letters and one crossword puzzle for players to match to reveal words. If three or more are completed successfully, players win a prize; additionally if any of their revealed 20 letters form one of the complete words on CASHWORD PUZZLE 1 or 2 OR contain one of three ( ) symbols or money bag ( ) symbols they win double of what was displayed as prize key in that category.

If you own an eligible non-winning Colossal Cashword ticket, scan it using the Lottery’s free mobile app for another chance at success. Each scanned ticket will grant six free games from Caribbean Cashword’s online version and could yield prizes ranging from 50 cents up to $15,000; or it could unlock coupons offering free play at retail or entry into weekly drawings for $300 in instant game tickets.